3 Hair Myths and a Revolutionary Hair Treatment to Rule Them All

We’ve all heard some outrageous hair myths, some we even swear by, and some just plain ridiculous.

Myth One: Having your hair trimmed frequently will make it grow faster


If you are not sure what to believe and what to discard, we are here to give you some guidelines on 3 popular hair myths to debunk and dispel for good. But also to introduce you to the Hail Mary of all hair treatments.

The sad fact is that cutting or trimming your hair often, does not affect how fast it will grow. Although getting hair trimmed often does not result in the hair growing faster, it will keep hair healthy and free of spilt ends which could allow the hair to grow longer without damage.

As your hair growth starts from your follicles in your scalp, there isn’t much to be done to speed up your hair’s growth rate. These hair follicles rely on nutrients to grow, and the best way in which it can be achieved is by following a healthy and balanced diet. Care for your scalp and hair by washing with a shampoo and conditioner that nourishes, exfoliates and moisturises your hair.


So, trimming has its benefits – it will make your hair look and feel amazing and will remove split ends – but will unfortunately not make your hair grow any faster than it currently is.

Myth Two: Using the same hair products could make you “immune” to them

Revolutionary Hair Treatment - Olaplex


So, you found the perfect shampoo-conditioner combination that has been working wonders on your hair, but one day it leaves you with straw like, limp hair. It has to be your hair products, have you somehow become immune to them?


The simple answer is no! Your hair isn’t alive, therefore it cannot become immune to the products you use. That however, doesn’t mean you are not due for a change-up of products. What often happens is that the product build-up on your hair affects the way your hair reacts to your hair products. Product build-up can be a result of colouring and thermal styling of your hair.


You should also be aware of the changes in your hair through the years. What worked for you a few years ago won’t necessarily work for you now. Your hair might have changed and so your products should change accordingly.  Always use quality shampoos, conditioners and treatments on your hair and mix it up with a clarifying shampoo every once in a while.

Myth Three: A 100 Brush strokes a day for healthy hair

Revolutionary Hair Treatment -  Olaplex treatment

Most of us would have heard about this myth at some point. But, it was not always a myth! Many moons ago women used to believe and practice this method with great results. That being said, you should also know that hair products were not all that easily accessible in those days and most women didn’t wash their hair all too frequently. The brushing helped distribute the natural oils on the scalp, to the tips of the hair.


These days we wash our hair often and have a myriad of hair products at our disposal. We no longer need to conform the rule of brushing your hair 100 times every day. Which is good news to some, as excessive brushing can cause split ends and damage your hair. So the lesson is: it is not how much you brush your hair, but the way you brush it that matters. Remember, do not harass your tangled tresses with the brush!

And the Fabulous Truth: The revolutionary hair treatment – OLAPLEXOlaplex Treatment


OLAPLEX is a revolutionary hair treatment that repairs the broken disulphide bonds in your hair. Your hair’s bonds break down when you continuously colour, bleach or apply heat to it, which means that your hair gets damaged. This is where OLAPLEX comes in, it is a bond multiplier that limits the damage your hair incurs when you colour, bleach or apply any heat treatment.

The three constituent parts of OLAPLEX are: No.1 the Bond Multiplier, No.2 the Bond Perfector, and No.3 the Hair Perfector. They are all the same ingredients, but used in different ways to maximise the repairing process.

OLAPLEX No.1 which is the Bond Multiplier gets added to your colour or bleach. Then OLAPLEX No.2 will be applied after the colour and toner has been rinsed off. The OLAPLEX Hair Perfector is a take-home treatment and should be used once a week to tide you over between salon appointments.

So if you brushed a little too vigorously, coloured too much or have general day to day damage, OLAPLEX is the hair treatment for you! To find out more about OLAPLEX, or if you want to find an OLAPLEX salon in your area.