Olaplex Unicorn Hair

4 Trending Holiday Hair Colours You’ve Got To Try!

For over a century women have been colouring their hair shades other than those they were born with. Eugene Schueller created the first chemical dye for commercial purposes in 1907 and called it Aureole (now L’Oréal). Through the years, new colours have been discovered, and we went from one black dye to dyes in every hue imaginable. In the last twenty years, luminous colours have begun to take over the hair scene, while lighter shades of blonde have grown in popularity.


Some have mistaken Olaplex for a lightening agent like bleach, but Olaplex does not lighten hair. Olaplex is not a hair dye, although using Olaplex in your hair service will save your hair from chemical damage. Olaplex is the only hair product in the world that contains the active ingredient bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate, which rebuilds hydrogen bonds in the hair.


This means that getting the colour you secretly desire is now possible without breakage. Olaplex has opened a whole new world to women. Before, getting bright and bold shades of hair colour was always damaging to hair, and few women were willing to risk the brave colours we see trending this year.


Summer brings us the perfect opportunity to try out bold shades we daren’t have considered before Olaplex, and the trending looks on Instagram could inspire your next confidence-bolstering bright and bold hairdo!


1. White Blonde Hair


Olaplex-white hair treatment     Olaplex White Blonde Hair      Olaplex White Blonde Hair


@arikasato                             @hairbynune                                 @Alennmj


Search for inspiration in the white blonde hair trend category with the #platinumblonde #whitehair and #icyblonde hashtags on Instagram. We all know bleach damages our hair, but Olaplex will repair the broken bonds when your hairstylist uses Olaplex in the hair service, making bleaching for longer and repetitively from service to service possible without all your hair falling out.


2. Rose Gold Tone     


Olaplex Rose Gold Tone     Olaplex Rose Gold Tone    Olaplex treatment Rose Gold Tone


    @guytang                              @kenraprofessional                     @r_cochrane


Blonde has been popular for a very long time, and that is perhaps because of it implies youth and innocence, or perhaps because of its risqué history. Younger children who have blonde hair often lose their golden tones once they hit puberty, and at a certain time in history blonde hair represented evil temptresses!


This year blonde had a make-over. Rose gold in the home became a hot trend, and so did rose gold tones in hair, from balayage to darker hair with coppery tones. Thanks to Olaplex, playing with colour won’t make your hair fall out like Jean Harlow’s (the first blonde goddess of Hollywood’s who bleached her hair so much it fell out). Search for hair inspiration in the Rose Gold category using the #copperhair #rosegoldhair and #copperbalayage hashtags on Instagram.


3. Unicorn Hair



Unicorn Hair - Olaplex treatment     Olaplex Unicorn Hair   Olaplex - Unicorn hair treatment


@mermaidians                                  @guytang                      @hairpaintedwithlove


Unicorn hair sure sounds strange, and so does mermaid hair and rainbow hair, but people across the globe are loving these trends. We speculate that the name was perhaps inspired by My Little Pony, a kid’s series on television where the magical ponies have bright and varied shades of hair of every colour. Some unicorn hair is extremely odd as far as the styling of the hair goes, but the colours are hypnotic and bold. A new generation of women unafraid of seeming “unnatural” have taken to this trend with zeal.


Without Olaplex, rainbow hair would remain in girls’ dreams and anime series. Olaplex makes bleaching to white possible, which is necessary for some shades in rainbow hair. It also makes colouring hair that is freshly bleached possible, which is a necessity when getting your own special shade of unicorn hair. If unicorn hair inspires you, search the #unicornhair #mermaidhair #rainbowhair and #unicorntribe hashtags on Instagram.


4. Grey Shades


Olaplex- Grey Shades    Grey Shades treatment - olaplex   Grey Shades treatment -Olaplex


@arina03808                      @bangtsikitsiki                                 @laaura.michelle


Grey hair used to be for older folks, but lately grey hair in a variety of shades has become a hot summer hair colour to try. Some mix their grey hair with blue and white undertones or balayage other shades of colour onto the ends to spice it up more. For more inspiring hair shades of grey, search the #silverhair #pastelhair and #greyhair hashtags on Instagram.


It’s a wonderful time to choose a new shade of hair colour or try something unique that will express your individuality, and Olaplex has made it possible. Olaplex loves you and summer and wants you to have the confidence to wear the hair you really love without fearing hair damage or hair loss. Try a #trendinglook for #OlaSummer with one of these awesome hair colours for 2016.