Olaplex damage hair treatment

4 Unusual Causes of Hair Damage and How To Repair It

Most of us, at one point or another, consider cutting off our hair because it has become so dry, damaged and unmanageable.

Often we think our hair gets damaged by applying heat or over colouring, and while that is true, there might be a few sneaky ways in which we damage our hair without us even being aware we’re causing havoc. But don’t fear, we will reveal our secret weapon to repair the damage.


It’s all in the brush

Stop hair damage before it starts, simply by brushing your hair correctly. Go ahead and follow these few do’s and don’ts: DO start brushing from the bottom, working your way to your roots. This helps illuminate knots. DON’T leave your brush to gather hair, dust, sweat and oil. Clean your brush regularly to avoid this. DON’T brush your hair when wet. Wet hair is generally longer as it is stretched out and also at its weakest which can lead to hair breakage.

Over washing hair

Some of us are in a habit where we wash our hair on a daily basis, not realising that we are damaging our hair by doing so. Try only washing your hair every other day, unless your hair gets filthy every day. Shampoo strips the hair of its natural oil, causing oils from your scalp to overproduce, and might leave your hair in very bad shape over an extended period of time. By reducing your shampoo frequency you will be allowing your hair to produce its natural oils slowly over time this will help hair to become healthy and shiny.

Towel drying

While most of us probably think towel drying our hair is harmless and do so straight out of the shower or bath without even giving it a second thought, you might be surprised to learn that towel drying is actually pretty damaging to your hair. As mentioned, your hair is more fragile when wet, and when you towel dry your hair you cause friction which damages and breaks down your hair’s natural protective layer, because your hair is wet you will be doing this when your hair is at its most vulnerable. Try a less abrasive alternative such as a cotton t-shirt to dry your hair.

The up-dos and elastics

While the messy up-do might be the hair trend at the moment, give your locks a break and let your hair down. A lot of strain is up on your roots when you wear it up often. The same goes for tight buns and hair clips, over time this might also cause hair loss. Keep your hair as loose and relaxed as possible, and when you have to tie it up, rather use an elastic that is not rough and don’t tie your hair up too tight.


Now, we have all heard of numerous damaged hair treatments out there on the market, from DIY treatments to the just plain strange, but most of them over promise and then don’t deliver. So what can you really do to repair your hair?


The answer is simple. OLAPLEX, the revolutionary damaged hair treatment that actually works to repair damaged hair, proven by thousands of individuals just like you. While all the above-mentioned ways cause the disulphide bonds in your hair to break down, OLAPLEX penetrates your hair and reconnects the broken disulphide bonds, leaving your hair stronger and healthier. OLAPLEX is the only product of it’s kind with 8 patents pending, this product is not a trend but a revolution.