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5 Ways To Prevent Hair Damage

Hair, we all have it, well most of anyway. It’s one of the first things that people notice about us and most certainly one of the things we take care of the most. But despite our hair therapy, breakages are somewhat inevitable and that is why we need to take a closer look as what were are doing every day to our hair that leaves it breaking.


Olaplex.prevent hair damage


  1. Make sure you dry and comb your hair gently


We often forget how sensitive our hair really is, washing it roughly, drying it vigorously with a towel and forceful brushing to get out the knots is terrible for your hair, especially when your hair is wet as it is far more fragile and more prone to breakages then.

Don’t scrub or rub your hair or even wring it out, take time with your hair during the washing process being as soft and gentle as possible, this will omit breakage.

It’s preferably to wait for your hair to air dry, pat your hair with a towel to absorb the excess moisture before leaving it to dry naturally. Once this is done take a wide-tooth comb to rake through the knots.


  1. Avoid using elastics that pull on your hair


Hair elastics used to tie up your hair have a tendency to break strands of your hair every time you use them. To avoid these breakages it is better to wear your hair down as much as you can and avoid putting the hair up in a tight pony. If you simply cannot go without your hair up, then try alternatives to elastics that won’t damage your hair, such as headbands made of cloth like satin.


  1. Avoid hairdryers and other heating tools


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The hot air from your hairdryer is one of the most common ways to damage your hair. While the heat from the dryer makes your hair look full bodied and healthy it comes at a cost. Avoid blow drying your everyday.

Other heating tools such as straightener or curling iron is also a sure-fire way to damage the bods in your hair as using them on a regular basis causes your hair to get dried out. Try to only use these devices on special occasions and when they are used, use a heat protectant to lessen the pending damage on the hair follicles.


  1. The Dangerous chemical blowout.


A Brazilian blowout might look elegant and striking, but the long term implications will wreak havoc on your hair and even your health.  Most products in a chemical blow out contain a cacogenic called formaldehyde which is not only bad for your hair, but for your skin as well and possibly your health as it is said to be a cause to cancer.

The easiest way to stop a seriously hair damaging process is to stay away from chemical blowouts all together.


  1. Get your hair trimmed on a regular basis.



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As your hair grows out, splits ends are inevitable, in order to curb this dreaded component of hair growth, make sure you go for a trim every couple of months which will keep your hair strong and healthy and ensure that the breakage in your hair in minimal.

While having your hair trimmed make sure that your stylist does not use heating tools or harmful products on your hair such as hair thinners.


Follow these five prevention methods to keep your hair strong and healthy, but keep in mind that not even these methods are 100 percent fool proof in avoiding breakages in your hair. Thankfully there is the perfect product on the market called Olaplex, a revolutionary treatment that tackles the breakages and repairs the broken bonds.


Olaplex No.3 will have your hair back to its healthy, strong, durable and shining self in no time. Just contact your nearest salon for the take home product that is easy to use and hard to ever forget what it was like without it.