Hair Damage - Olaplex- damaged hair treatment

The Cause and Solution For Hair Damage

They say prevention is better than cure, but when it comes to your hair the damage is most likely already done. Let’s face it: we love colouring, styling and experimenting with our hair and don’t intend to stop any time soon

So, how can we prevent hair damage without giving up the ‘oh so lovely’ things that cause hair damage in the first place? Here are a few tips to keep in mind to lessen the effects of hair damage and also a few solutions if your hair is already damages.


Hair Damage Caused by the Heat

Hair Damage  - Olaplex-Treatment

One of the biggest reasons for hair damage amongst women is the over-use of heat styling products. Be it you blow dryer, straightener or curling tongs. So, the first point of call would be to limit yourself when using these products. If possible, only use when really necessary.


If you know you are the type of woman that loves styling your hair and does it quite often, you might want to look into investing in good-quality styling tools. Cheaper tools might not have a variety of heat settings and could be detrimental to the health of your hair. Also, when looking for a good quality hair dryer, always opt for one with a nozzle and diffuser, this will help distribute the heat more evenly to your hair.


The most important thing when using heat on your hair is to protect your hair and not to leave the heat on your hair for too long. So, do yourself a favour and invest in good quality heat-protection products and styling tools.


Hair Damage Caused by Washing

Hair Damage - Olaplex- damaged hair treatment


You might have heard that shampooing your hair often may cause hair damage. The reason for this is that the shampoo might be too abrasive on your hair and may wash away your hair’s natural oils. So, why not try shampooing a little lest frequently and opt for a salon quality shampoo. You might want to try an Argan oil based shampoo.


Conditioning your hair frequently on the other hand, is encouraged. Try to condition your hair every day, even if you’re not shampooing. And remember, when shampooing your hair, try not to be too vigorous and rather be gentle when washing your precious locks.


Hair Damage Caused by  Brushing

Hair Damage - brushing - Olaplex hair treatment

This one is short and sweet: Do not brush your hair when it’s soaking wet, rather towel dry and then brush. Try tackling it with a wide toothed comb, and again – don’t be too vigorous, rather take your time to comb through the knots.


The Hair Damage Treatment

Hair Damage  treatment- Olaplex No.3

So, although you should follow the above guidelines whether your hair is damaged or not, it still doesn’t make your damaged hair any less damaged, now does it? For that you need a little miracle – and we have just the thing! Ask your salon for a stand-alone Olaplex treatment and take home the OLAPLEX No.3 to use between your salon visits. The Olaplex treatment repairs the broken bonds in your hair, which you can read all about here. It truly is a miracle in a bottle and will restore your damaged hair to new in no time at all.


So, now that you have the know-how to prevent and cure damaged hair, there is no reason for your tresses to be in shambles any longer. Get your Olaplex treatment at your nearest salon today!