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Finding Your Perfect Salon Match: 5 Easy Steps

As Coco Chanel once said: a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life. So wouldn’t you want that life changing moment to be in a salon or with a hairstylist you can trust?

Feeling secure, comfortable and welcome in a salon all contributes to your overall experience, and can be one of the deciding factors that make you return 6 weeks later, or not.  If you think finding the right salon is a daunting task, we are here to help.

Find below a few tips and tricks to help you find a salon that fits you best:

Finding Your Perfect Salon  - Olaplex



  1. I know our mothers always told us not to talk to strangers, but in the name of fabulous hair there is just no other way. If you see someone with great looking hair don’t be shy to ask them where they’ve had it done. Most people will be delighted by the compliment and more than willing to share their salon’s information.
  2. Ever heard that Google is your friend? It truly is. Try searching for salons in your area (or the furthest distance you are willing to travel) and read as many reviews on different platforms about the salon as you can. This way you will be able to narrow down the list to just a few salons. Olaplex salon finder
  3. Does the salon have Olaplex? Don’t Know? Well you can find a handy Olaplex salon finder on the Olaplex website. Here you can search by area and they will give you a list of salons nearby. Always phone ahead to double check that they have stock before you make your appointment.
  4. Ever thought of making a consultation appointment? This way you get to meet the stylist and get a feel for how they treat you. You also get to experience the culture of the salon without making the commitment of getting your hair done there. You can find out what the stylists thinks of your hair and if they are able to do what you want to have done, or they can give you advice if you are not completely sure what you would like to do with your hair.olaplex - Salon Finder
  5. Now that you’ve narrowed down your choice to two or three salons, it might be worth it to have your hair done by each salon. Here you are able to get the full experience, along with a new haircut that you either love or hate. When you finally get to the salon that understands you and does your hair the way you’ve always wanted, be loyal and go back. Becoming a regular and building a relationship with the salon, clients and hairstylists have many benefits: like being treated in style and you’ll able to relax because you know you will walk out happy. They just might squeeze you in on short notice even though they are fully booked. Oh, the benefits!

By following these few tips, you now have the know-how to find a salon where you can spend many fabulous years gossiping and feeling comfortable and have a great hairstyle to boot. If you are looking for an easier starting point, don’t forget the Olaplex salon finder – it will save you time and money. The added bonus of Olaplex is it will leave you with healthy hair every time.