Hot Holiday Hairstyles for Summer

This year Instagram is packed with scintillating hairstyles made glorious with the help of Olaplex. Olaplex improves the texture and strength of your hair, especially with continued use.Hydrogen bonds that break because of weather, styling, life, and chemical services are rebuilt and strengthened using Olaplex. This means our summer styles can glow and give us extra confidence.

This season’s hottest summer hairstyles come in a variety of shades and versions. Whether you like short hair, long hair, updo’s, or loose-downs, there’s a style trending that will suite your tastes!

1. Long Loose Waves


14359552_957027861091972_9192797302840885248_nOlaplex Holiday Hairstyles 14561888_1119329294840808_4090406580741210112_n14487434_1684208935242709_9185015986036670464_n-1

@guytang                   @okaspen                  @guytang              @mucahit_savuk


Long loose wavy hair is all the rage at the moment, and women from all around the world are adding Olaplex No.2 treatments to their styling sessions and using the Olaplex regime in the colouring services. Rose gold long wavy hair is breath-taking, and if you’re bold get a brighter colour wave. The all natural golden browns and blondes are still popular for those who love natural luscious locks, and for a twist try Ombre colours. Find more sultry waves on Instagram by searching #wavyhair #longhair and #hairspiration.

2. Funky Braids

Funky Braids - Olaplex15043901_679518518890622_4646922849246773248_n15043548_782638081875296_1644478866661572608_n-2Olaplex treatment funky braids

@caro_e_        @sophiehannahrichardson      @hildeee        @kirstenzellers


In the last few years braids have made a comeback. Disney’s Elsa welcomed in the new braid movement, and since then many new great braid hairstyles have surfaced. Currently boxer braids and braids with top knots are trending, but if you can put your own unique twist on braided hair you’re sure to catch eyes on the beach. Improve the health of your hair with Olaplex, because braids can put extra strain on hair, and Olaplex will help fix the damage. Search #boxerbraids #doublebraids #braidstyles and #braidsfor more inspiring styles.

3. The Lob (Long Bob)


Long Lob Treatment - Olaplex Long Lob Treatment - Olaplex Long Lob Treatment - Olaplex 15043728_370629029953846_4900464492535611392_n

@rossmichaelssalon   therealsarahhyland  @emilythemermaid      @rebeccataylorhair


2016 became the year of the Lob (long bob). Lobs are known as the one hairstyle that can suite every skin type, hair type, and facial structure. Celebrities and models jumped on the lob wagon, and recently lobs have gotten even more radiant. @emilythemermaid got a great greyish ombre from @guytang, and Olaplex loves the latest glowing hair trend, sported above by @gnarlycarly_hair and shared by @rebeccataylorehair. Sarah Hyland’s caramel toned lob is perhaps the most famous. For more inspirational hair ideas and lobs, search #lob #lobhairstyle and #hairspiration on Instagram.

4. High Buns & Top Knots


High buns & top knotsHigh buns & top knotsHigh buns & top knotsHigh buns & top knots

@sazanhendrix         @n.starck               @jessjanemakeup    @emilyrosehannon


Buns have been around for eons, sometimes popular, sometimes tight and formal, sometimes utilitarian. Bun hairstyles are so many and varied, but which bun is best for the summer? Try double buns, made famous by Anime’s Sailor Moon, and add a twist like double braids for a unique style sure to be noticed. Messy high buns are sensuous as ever, and can finish off a casual look. Top knots are also trending, an ancient hairstyle worn in ancient China as early as 200BC that has taken on a new life. Kim Kardashian and thousands of women have tried varieties of top knots, and Olaplex loves @sazanhendrix’s version. For more inspiring high buns and top knot styles, search #bunhairstyle #hairbun and #topknot on Instagram.