OLAPLEX Salon - Hair Rehab - Facebook Post

OLAPLEX Real-Life Stories: Cosmo Coincidence

It has been 5 weeks since we launched in SA, and already over 750 local salons are offering #OlaplexZA treatment to their clients. 

Good day

The last couple of weeks have become a whirlwind of excitement and awe. First, Hands Down distribution, introduces itself to me, salon owner of Hair Rehab in Strand Western Cape.

I wasn’t too eager initially but after I watched a few videos and tutorials I decided to have the product in my salon.

I tested it on two of my most damaged and chemically over processed hair and I was amazed! The product truly speaks for itself! I then started to post pics more actively on my Hair Rehab Facebook page, which I didn’t give too much attention to as I only relied on word-of-mouth advertisement.

So one morning, during a hectic daily schedule I uploaded my latest Olaplex client pics to my Hair Rehab Facebook page. It went viral! Over 40 000 views within a day! Needless to say I had people phoning me from Limpopo to Namibia! I had countless job offers from the East Rand! Even the beauty side of Hair Rehab received countless calls. One picture of Olaplex gave my page 1000 more likes within a week!

OLAPLEX Salon - Hair Rehab - Facebook Post

OLAPLEX Salon – Hair Rehab – Facebook Post

I had master hairstylist phoning and asking for advice and product education! I just call Olaplex my salon gold! Hair Rehab has been noticed by thousands and making it’s mark in our small town!  I’ve been a salon owner since age 23 and full staff by 27! I’ve done it all by myself, without even having the luxury of asking my dad for help! From a small business owner to a Facebook inspiration! Well so I felt an absolute high! Feeling proud of what I’ve accomplished.

Few days ago, I went to the shop and what a surprise!  Hair Rehab made the most famous Cosmo front page! Well not really, but what a coincidence! Hair Rehab Strand Saviour! Looking at the front page with my jaw on the ground, I bought this amazing magazine! Hehe I knew what the heading actually meant but was secretly hoping it will tell my story! Had a good laugh about it and even pulled a prank on my very proud mother!

All just made me realise the power in online ads and Facebook! I wish small businesses can see how busy we are now! Our work gets noticed and almost everybody in Strand knows Hair Rehab now! Olaplex is doing wonders on hair and for the industry! We were truly blessed by the “coincidental” Cosmo article and Facebook! Never thought my small business would get this much positive attention!

Kindest Regards

Chanel Venter

Here’s a real-life story that proves: Olaplex is not a TREND, it’s a REVOLUTION! And we thank you Chanel for being a part of it! Share your Olaplex inspirational stories with us at info@olaplex.co.za