#OLAPLEXSUMMER – A Smashing Success!

If you’ve been following us on social media, you might have seen the hashtag #OLAPLEXSUMMER a couple of times from October last year.

If you’ve recently joined us, welcome to the trendiest hair care revolution making waves all around the world.


You are at the right place and we look forward to sharing memorable hair-moments with you!


#OLAPLEXSUMMER was our summer competition we ran across social media and via our website. It was aimed at ensuring you looked your best during the holiday season. How did we do this? You see, we understand that looking gorgeous, for any lady, has a great deal to do with feeling good inside; because we all reflect on the outside, how we truly feel on the inside. But, a lady cannot neglect her outside appearance, ever! So, we figured we could help by making sure you upped your hair game for summer with gorgeous and healthy looking hair.


We then put together 10 fun-filled, hair-related (and mentally stimulating, of course) questions for you to answer over a 10 week period to stand a chance of winning an #OLAPLEXSUMMER goodie bag.


Each hamper consisted of a beach set and a bottle of the magical OLAPLEX No.3 Hair Perfector at-home treatment worth over R600.  The amount of entries was phenomenal! If you think SA has little #olaplexlove, then think again. OLAPLEX[ERS] left adorably cute and funny competition entry comments with animated 3D emoji emoticons on social media for us. Has anyone seen the dancing “please pick me” puppy emoji? It will melt your heart, honestly! This is just one example of the numerous heartening response we had and every day was enormous fun engaging with the OLAPLEX community!


50 winners over a 10 week span, and if maths isn’t your strong suit, it worked out to 5 lucky ladies each week that received the opportunity to enjoy relaxing in the holiday sun and water, while maintaining the good health of their precious locks. As the saying goes “a picture tells a thousand words.” Let’s check out some of the lovely weekly winner posts shared on the OLAPLEX Facebook page:


OLAPLEX SUMMER COMPETITION WINNER Olaplex-summer-winner2 Olaplex-summer-winner3 Olaplex-summer-winner4 Olaplex-summer-winner6 Olaplex-summer-winner5

10 weeks later, the weekly winners were entered into a grand prize draw (Yes, this was the cherry on top!) which took place at the end of Jan 2016. We’re excited to announce that the winners for the runner-up grand prizes were: Cynthia Goosen & Tasneem Du Pont. They both walked away with white GHD Opal V Classic Stylers, OLAPLEX No.3 and a beach set valued at over R2900.



The lucky #OLAPLEXSUMMER grand prize winner was Nastassja Nicole Muller and she received a white GHD Opal V Classic Styler, the GHD 23-28mm Curve Creative Curl Wand set, OLAPLEX No.3 and the beach set worth over R4200.



Congratulations to all our weekly, runner-up & grand prize winners. Wishing you damage-free #goodhairdays all year round! And a very big thank you to all our OLAPLEX[ERS] – you’re the best, we love you! Lookout for bigger and better competitions to come by following us on social media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest and reading our cool blog!