Beautiful Color blonde model - OLAPLEX Treatment

Repair, Protect and Discover endless styling possibilities

We often view our hair as an external statement of our personalities. For some it is very important to always have beautifully maintained hair.
But unfortunately with the maintenance comes damages. All those hours spent in the salon or at home colouring, bleaching, blow waving or even ironing your hair causes major damage to your beautiful locks.


What if we were to tell you that there is a revolutionary product on the market that actually repairs disulphide hair bonds? You would probably say that you’ve heard it all before. Well, it’s true – OLAPLEX is the revolutionary new hair treatment that actively repairs your broken and damaged hair.


Without getting too technical, when we have damaged hair it means that the disulphide bonds in our hair have broken or separated. OLAPLEX actively repairs and reconnects these bonds resulting in beautifully healthy hair.


OLAPLEX is a three stage treatment where No.1 and 2 has to be done in a salon and No.3 can be taken home to tide you over until your next salon visit. Now you might ask why No.1 and 2 should be done in the salon? The answer is simple: the salon professional knows how to use OLAPLEX to get the best results from your hair. And let’s face it, who doesn’t like being pampered at the salon?


We all have hair envy when it comes to celebrities. We wonder how they maintain their hair’s health and shine throughout all the styles and colouring they go through. Well, major Hollywood A-listers are using OLAPLEX, amongst them Jessica Biel, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cate Blanchett even our local beauty Charlize Theron.



OLAPLEX has taken the States by storm and is finally available in South Africa. You can now be bold and adventurous with your hair without having to worry about any damage. Ask your nearest salon about OLAPLEX or go to our YouTube channel and listen to what celebrity stylists have to say about the product! Repair damaged hair, today!