Shower Steam- Olaplex No3

The hair perfectors of Hair Perfectors – Olaplex No. 3

Time flies when you’re having fun, doesn’t it?  Surely summer can’t be over already, it just started! But unfortunately we have to face the truth, summer really is over and winter is fast approaching.

Autumn is the time to curb the damage that the sun, see and chlorine caused to your hair, and it’s also the time to protect your locks against the harsh conditions of winter that is yet to come.

How does one do that, you ask? Well here are a few simple tips and tricks to repair and protect your hair this season.

A steaming hot shower

Shower Steam- Olaplex No3

Isn’t it just the best to have a long steaming hot shower in the winter? In fact, it should be so hot that when you step out of the shower it almost looks like you’ve just stepped into a sauna, right? Well, sorry to break it to you but that is a big NO-NO! Unfortunately, a hot bath or shower could be the cause of your hair damage. The hot water washes away the natural oils that your scalp produces, which could leave you with porous, dry and brittle hair. It could also weaken your roots, which could cause a whole lot of damage later on in life. So, rather wash your hair with lukewarm water if you can, as this will help seal in your hair’s natural moisture, leaving it perfectly shiny.

Here comes the sun

Under The Sun- Olaplex No3

We live in sunny South Africa, people! Which means that even though its winter and you don’t feel the sun’s ray as harshly as you do in summer, it’s still beating down on your hair. So, to protect your hair, why not use sunscreen on your hair and scalp? You can also opt for a warm and stylish beanie, but it is advisable to first cover your hair in a silk scarf as it will serve as extra protection against the elements and the friction the beanie causes.

Washing and Drying

Olaplex No3- Hair dry

It is worthwhile to keep washing and drying to a minimum during the colder months. Why not try to cut your hair washing days to two or three times a week? This will prevent your hair from drying out too much. Then, it is always best practice to dry your hair before leaving the house, as the moisture in your hair and the cold air will clash. This will cause your hair to be dry and brittle and add to your hair damage. However, try to avoid over-using drying and heat styling tools as it will dry out your hair even further.

Olaplex No.3


The Pefector - Olaplex No3

Your not so secret weapon to combating hair damage the whole year through! It is the 3rd step in the Olaplex Effect and can be used at home to help protect your hair between your salon visits. To break down hair damage: it occurs because the disulphide bonds in your hair are broken down by the elements, harsh brushing, colouring, heat styling, you name it. Olaplex helps restore and reconnect these bonds. Olaplex No. 3 can be used at home, once a week – just apply a generous amount of the product to your towel dried hair and leave it on for a minimum of 10 minutes. Shampoo and Condition your hair as per usual after use. For the best results it should be used in conjunction with an in-store Olaplex treatment.

If you follow these simple rules you will have fabulous locks all year round. And for the best line of defence against damaged hair, opt for the revolutionary Olaplex Treatment. Find your Olaplex salon today.